Author: <span class="vcard">Michael Braedel</span>

My Mezcla Triple Chili

  Feeds 6-8 Gringos –  Buen Provecho Ingredients: 1 lb Lean Ground Beef. 1 Large Sweet Onion Chopped Medium 1 Large Can Kidney Beans – Rinse Thoroughly 1 Large Can Black Beans – Rinse Thoroughly 1 Cup Frozen Corn 1 Tin Tomato Paste 1 Large Can Diced Tomatoes including Liquid 1 Cup Water 1/4 cup Jar Jalapenos…

Heavy Rotation

Thievery Corporation – Saudade Agnes Obel – Citizen of Glass   Purple Disco Machine – Soulmatic Beck – Morning Phase   Compilation – Best Tracks from Tarantino Films

Black Friday

The Best Things in Life are Free That being said, go ahead and treat yourself to something nice. Just don’t go overboard OK?

40,000 Km Emission Free!

My Leaf Odometer Counted 40,000 Km Today! I continue to be amazed by the crazy savings over conventional ICE automobiles, not to mention ZERO emissions. A friend and coworker decided this week to replace is failing ICE vehicle with a 2018 Chevy Bolt. Happy for you Brock! Make your next car electric.  Good times indeed….

Say something. Stupid.

Making dinner.